Restoration of the Gentioux peat bog by clearing and aerial skidding

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More than half of the territory of the regional natural park of the Millevaches in Limousin (PNR) is covered with forest, some of which is the subject of intensive forestry exploitation. A peat bog restoration project in the headwater sector of the catchment area was initiated between the PNR (project manager) and the forestry cooperative Bourgogne Limousin (technical partner). The goal was to remove the softwood stand from the single-species plantation on the plot in order to restore the hydrological functioning of the peat bog. The work was carried out by aerial skidding using a cable mast. In addition to initiating collaboration between forestry and environmental management, the project has made it possible to restore the natural hydrological functioning of the bog and the associated specific habitats.
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The Millevaches plateau is a medium altitude area located in the center of France. At the beginning of the last century, this territory consisted of large areas of moors and peat bogs on which extensive grazing was practiced. The Millevaches plateau is home to the headwaters of the catchment areas of many tributaries of the Vienne and Dordogne rivers. The project is located near Gentioux vilage and consists of a topographic peat bog crossed by two small rivers. In the 60s it has been recalibrated and drained and embankments created by the drainage action have been planted with softwood species. It is located in a Special Protection Area for birds. The recalibration of the river has created a deepening of the water tablme and incision of the embankment leading to drying of the peat bog further enhanced by softwood water consumption.
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FRG-La Loire, les cours d'eau côtiers vendéens et bretons
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