Detention/Infiltration BasinsVegetated depressions designed to store runoff on the surface and allow it to gradually infiltrate into soil. Infiltration basins are dry, except in periods of heavy rainfall, and may serve to other functions (e.g. recreation). They provide flow control through attenuation of runoff at the end of SuDS ムchainsメ.ᅠ Basins may also act as モbioretention areasヤ of shallow landscaped depressions, typically under-drained, relying on engineered soils, vegetation and filtration to reduce runoff and remove pollution. - Based on Stella definitions, adapted by NWRM project experts and validated by the European Commission
Downspout disconnectionDownspout disconnection involves theᅠrerouting of rooftop drainage pipes from the storm sewer systemᅠtoᅠrain barrels,ᅠcisterns,ᅠor permeable areas instead of the storm sewer.ᅠThis reduces the loading of rainwater on the storm sewer systemᅠ, and can have great benefits in cities with combined sewer systems. ᅠDownspout disconnectionᅠstores stormwater and/or allows stormwater to infiltrate into the soil, thus contributing to the natural water retention calacity of the landcape.