New French case studies

New French case studies from agriculture, forestry and urban sector      river and riparian area

In 2019, OIEau, with support of the Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB) investigated case studies in France targeting agriculture and forestry sectors (see the catalogue of NWRM) for which NWRM platform included less cases. As a result, a set of 10 new cases have been added to the NWRM platform. The case studies have also been presented on 13 February 2020 at a Workshop organised in collaboration with OFB and its river resource centre and the French Ministry of Environment. The event has gathered 140 experts from a wide diversity of institutions (for accessing presentations and more, see the dedicated page).

Each case study includes a printable fiche in French which describes in detail the case, the NWRM implemented and lessons learnt and is largely illustrated with photos. For each case study, some aspects have been translated and inserted in the case study fiche which is added to the case studies page and accessible via map and also directly from the NWRM factsheets. For an easy retrieval they are also listed in the following:

Functional restoration of the valley of Saint Ruph-Glière-Eau Morte
Restoration of the Gentioux peat bog by and clearing and aerial skidding
Reconstruction of the hedgerow on the Léguer basin
Revegetation of the Vernie Rouge ski slope in the Alps
Restoration of a natural floodplain meadow in the Quintarets at Isle-Jourdain
Morphological restoration of temporary watercourses in the National Forest of Chaux
Removal of drainage ditches on wet meadow on Coat Carriou
Jardin des Eaux (water garden) in Fourqueux, a water management system for the city centre
Erosion control by agricultural and forestry techniques and soft hydraulics in the Bas-Rhin
Restoration of the Black Marsh of Saint-Coulban



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