Restoration of the Gentioux peat bog by clearing and aerial skidding > Barrier #1949

In order to overcome the difficulty associated with the administrative management of the project - as a public institution, the PNR being unable to invest money in a private plot - it was necessary to obtain project management. An agreement to delegate project management from the Brauze forest group to the PNR was drafted, as well as an agreement dedicated to the fact that the PNR could use the plot to carry out monitoring and to bring the public to the site to show the results.
One unforeseen constraint was the amendment of the forestry code that took place in 2015. At the time the site was designed, the PNR was not affected by the Forest Code. However, the 2015 code required any cut forest area to be replanted, which was contrary to the objectives of the PNR. It was therefore necessary to obtain additional authorization, justified by the multiple benefits of conserving and restoring the bog without replanting trees.
Internally, it was also necessary to find solutions to convince the elected representatives, which required a lot of pedagogy to explain the purpose of this project and the purpose of launching this dynamic.


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