Komplex élőhelyrehabilitációs tevékenység az Րrségi Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság működési területén.Complex habitat reconstruction in the Րrség National Park

There are three measures applied in the national park area primarily for nature rehabilitation, but all measures have water retention aspects. (1) Creating ponds in the forest where run off from forestry roads are collected. The main goal is to create safe breeding ground for reptiles instead of temporary sumps on the roads. 50 ponds created with the total surface 1,100m2.
(2) Re-vegetating shelterbelts (groves, wetlands) in agricultural land where 50 years ago these landscape elements were destroyed for agro efficiency reasons. 12 areas of revegetation, their total cover 12,000m2 in an area of 153 ha. (3) Building closures in the drainage channels to enable the flooding of the alder (Alnus) forest and wet meadow to improve their natural quality an important site in the ecological corridor along the stream Csörnöc. The drainage channel's watershed is 42 ha.
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