Drainage management in the city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

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Hradec Kralove is situated at the confluence of rivers the Elbe and Orlice having 7 smaller tributaries.
Urban constructions carried out by JVProjektvh which include the removal or sinking of existing curbs, lowering or adjustment of the surface, transfer of storm water from the area of street inlets to decentralized devices, taking apart gutters and street inlets within green areas.
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Jovanka Ignjatovic
NWRM(s) implemented in the case study
Climate zone
cool temperate moist
Mean rainfall
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Average temperature
Average runoff coefficient
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Monitoring parameters
Current status of stormwater management
Performance impact estimation method
Performance impact estimation information
The DAS HK incorporated extensive monitoring and surveys (rainfall, water levels, discharges, water quality parameters, ecological status of streams, catchment hydrogeology and infiltration potential etc.)
Hydrodynamic modeling of the sewer system, water bodies, artificial open channels, underground waters and elements of stormwater management was performed (MIKE Urban, MIKE11) and hydraulic capacity of the individual parts of the system as well as flooding frequency was assessed based on a 10-years rainfall data series. CSOs impacts were assessed with REBEKAII.
Paralelly, a groundwater flow model was created by Jacobs Consultancy.
Application scale
Installation date
Performance timescale
1 - 4 years
Area (ha)
Area subject to Land use change or Management/Practice change (ha)
Size unit
Design capacity description
96000 inhabitants city; the maximum specific regulated discharge from the ground plot: 3 l/(s.ha)
Basis of design
Return period for the design of retention volume: 5 years
The past few decades, Hradec Kralove has suffered from massive urbanization resulting in overloading of the system of natural and artificial water bodies as well as of the sewer system.
Favourable preconditions
Hradec Kralove was planned as a green city before the Second World War by architect Josef Gocar. Today, it is still an excellent example of clever urban planning. Stormwater drainage was solved as a first priority before starting planning the urbanization itself. Gocar designed a system combining natural water bodies and open vegetated channels. Moreover, infiltration systems were created in some areas.
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Design consultation activity
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Design land use change
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Design authority
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Local water authority
Initiation of the measure
Municipality of Hradec Kralove
Key lessons
Study showd that:
- storm water management must be integrated into urban planning to guarantee sustainable development of the city;
- transparent step-by-step guidelines specifying activities and responsibilities at each level of urban planning from the stormwater management point of view must be prepared;
- this tipe of projects went beyond the current Czech legislation and can serve as a good example for similar studies.
Success factor(s)
Success factor type Success factor role Comments
Existing staff and consultant knowledge
main factor

Decision support for city authorities and the building politics in terms of sustainable stormwater management were provided

Available support tools
secondary factor

For the sewer network evaluation, a model from the Drainage Masterplan from 2005 was available

Financing type Comments
N/A info
Barrier type Barrier role Comments
Legal obligations / restrictions
secondary barrier
Due to water management restrictions, urbanization is limited to some areas.
Driver type Driver role Comments
Past flooding events
main driver
Events exceeding the limit of the open channel
Public pressure
secondary driver
Financing share
Financing share type Share Comments
Policy description
Mising sustainable urban drainage systems (exceptions: rare individual projects and EU financed projects)
Part of wider plan
Policy target
Target purpose
Runoff control
Policy pressure
Pressure directive Relevant pressure
Policy area
Policy area type Policy area focus Name Comments
Policy impact
Impact directive Relevant impact
Policy wider plan
Wider plan type Wider plan focus Name Comments
City Development Plan
These areas were determined in the catchment and incorporated into the new City Development Plan processing
Policy requirement directive
Requirement directive Specification
Direct benefits information
Reduction of the impervious area of the existing development by 15%; Long-term conception of the city stormwater drainage respecting sustainability principles
Link rules and criteria of sustainable stormwater management within the region with the new City Development Plan
Ancillary benefits information
The attitude towards stormwater management has started to change towards sustainability
Costs investment information
There are no information at this stage
Costs operation maintenance
There are no information at this stage
Costs total information
There are no information at this stage
Information on Ecosystem improved biodiversity
N/A info
Information on Ecosystem provisioning services
N/A info
Ecosystem impact climate regulation
Not relevant for the specific application
Information on Ecosystem impact climate regulation
N/A info
Information on retained water
N/A info
Information on increased water storage
Not increased the volume stored, technical measures in the planned development aim at approaching pre-urbanization runoff conditions (similar hydrograph volume and shape).
Information on runoff reduction
Improved runoff control by measures in the catchment, sewer system and open channels
Water quality overall improvements
Not relevant for this application
Information on Water quality overall improvements
N/A info
Soil quality overall soil improvements
Not relevant for this application
Information on Soil quality overall soil improvements
N/A info


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