Case studies

Name Type
Alzette river restoration in Dumonshaff, Luxembourg depth
Alzette river restoration in the "Am Brill" nature reserve, Luxembourg light
Aquifer recharge in Malta depth
Babina Restoration Project, Romania light
Baixo Vouga Lagunar (BVL) bocage landscape, Portugal light
Barking Riverside Green Roof Ecomimicry Experiment
Climate-Proofing Social Housing Landscapes depth
Conservation and restoration of alluvial habitats of community interest on the Liberty Island and side channel depth
Conservation of Mura banks, Slovenia depth
Conservation on Lake Cerknica, Slovenia light
Conservation, restoration and durable management in Small Island of Braila, Romania light
Constructed wetland in Vidrare, Bulgaria light
Constructed wetland with reed bed filters near Reims, France light
Cover Crops and No-Tillage in an Olive Grove (Andalusia, Spain) light
Creation of semi-natural wetlands near the Drava river, Slovenia light
DOPPS - Restoring and conserving habitats and birds in Skocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve, Slovenia light
Diverse Habitat Reconstructions in the Őrség National Park in Hungary light
Domestic rainwater harvesting in Malta light
Drainage management in the city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic light
Dyke relocation on the river Elbe near Lenzen, Germany depth
Ecological Restoration of Mata Radeanu, Romania light
Ecological Restoration of Pochina Lake, Romania light
Ecological Restoration of Vlascuta Lake, Romania light
Ecological adapted stormwater treatment in Kretinga town, Lithuania light
Ecological reconstruction of the Gerai Pond, Romania light
Erosion control by agricultural and forestry techniques and soft hydraulics in the Bas-Rhin depth
Establishing connectivity in the Ljubljanica river, Slovenia light
Exmoor Mires peatland restoration, UK light
Ezousas artificial groundwater recharge of treated effluent in Cyprus light
Field margins in Heilbronn, Germany light
Flood meadows in the Marais Poitevin, France depth
Floodbreaking hedgerows in Southern France depth
Floodgate reconstruction, Slovakia light
Floodplain reconnection in the Vallei van de Grote Nete, Belgium depth
Floodplain restoration in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in Croatia depth
Floodplain restoration in the Russenski Lom Nature Park, Bulgaria light
Floodplain restoration of the river Slampe, Latvia depth
Fluvial and ecosystem restoration of the Arga-Aragon Rivers, Spain depth
Fortuna Restoration Project in the Danube Delta, Romania light
Functional restoration of the valley of Saint Ruph-Glière-Eau Morte depth
Germasogeia riverbed artificial groundwater recharge in Cyprus light
Green Borders: Transboundary conservation activities in Romania and Bulgaria light
Green roofs in Geneva, Switzerland light
Green roofs in Vienna, Austria depth
Habitat Reconstruction in the forests of the Körös Valley, Hungary depth
Hobølelva River: erosion, landslide & eutrophication depth
Holbina-Dunavat Restoration Project, Romania light
Holter-Hammrich Area - Flood Protection and Nature Conservation, Germany depth
Horstergrub sediment management, Belgium light
Improvement of the navigation conditions on the Danube between Calarasi and Braila, Romania light
Increasing water retention through afforestation, landscaping and reducing the stream gradient in Xiropotamos River Basin, Greece light
Infiltration trenches in Kungsbacka, Sweden light
Jardin des Eaux (water garden) in Fourqueux, a water management system for the city centre depth
Kylmäojankorpi forested wetland, Vantaa, Finland depth
LIMNOTOP: Eco-remediation near Ormoz, Slovenia light
Landscape revitalisation program in Slovakia light
Leidsche Rijn sustainable urban development, Netherlands light
Lippenbroek Regulated Tidal Exchange Scheme, Belgium light
LiveDrava - Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia depth
Lunéville, Floodplain restoration and reconnection of hydraulic annexes, France light
Managed Aquifer Recharge in Los Arenales (Segovia, Spain) light
Mire restoration within the Sumava National Park, Czech Republic light
Morphological restoration of temporary watercourses in the National Forest of Chaux depth
Multi-purpose water management development along the Körös-ér, Hungary depth
Natural bank stabilization and riparian buffer galleries along the Odelouca River, Portugal depth
No Tillage Field Trials in lower Austria light
Nummela 'GATEWAY' Wetland Park, Finland light
Oroklini wetland restoration in Cyprus depth
Polder management near Altenheim, Germany light
Pollution Treatment on the Glinščica, Slovenia light
Preservation of floodplain forests, Slovakia light
Rain gardens for the Day Brook, UK depth
Reconstruction and modernization of existing and construction of new reservoirs and ponds in rural areas of Poland depth
Reconstruction of the Lepiku channel in Tallinn's Botanic Garden, Estonia light
Reconstruction of the hedgerow on the Léguer basin depth
Reconstruction within the Sur Fen Nature Reserve, Slovakia light
Recovery of dried out communities in Slovakia light
Reforestation in Veneto, Italy light
Rehabilitation of heaths and mires on the Hautes-Fagnes Plateau, Belgium depth
Removal of drainage ditches on wet meadow on Coat Carriou depth
Renaturation of the Seymaz river, Switzerland depth
Restoration of Amalvas and Žuvintas Wetlands, Lithuania depth
Restoration of Atanasovsko Lake, Bulgaria light
Restoration of Coastal Meadows in Matsalu, Estonia depth
Restoration of Durrow floodplain alluvial woodland, Ireland light
Restoration of Wetlands in the Western Lowland Area of the Dümmer Lake, Germany depth
Restoration of a natural floodplain meadow in the Quintarets at Isle-Jourdain depth
Restoration of hydrological system in the Middle basin of Biebrza Valley, Poland light
Restoration of oxbows and floodplains on the Morava River, Slovakia light
Restoration of raised bog Aklais in Latvia light
Restoration of riparian forests in Bulgaria light
Restoration of river Hermance, France light
Restoration of the Black Marsh of Saint-Coulban depth
Restoration of the Cerny Potok stream, Czech-Republic depth
Restoration of the Ernz Blanche river, Luxemburg light
Restoration of the Gentioux peat bog by clearing and aerial skidding depth
Restoration of the Odense river, Denmark depth
Restoration of the Sumava peatbog, Czech Republic light
Restoration of the Vesselina river, Bulgaria light
Restoration of the Zlato pole protected area, Bulgaria light
Restoration of water wells in the Miren-Kostanjevica Municipality, Slovenia light
Restoration on Comana wetlands, Romania light
Restoration within the Srebarna Nature Reserve, Bulgaria light
Restoring the Kuresoo bog, Estonia light
Restoring the River Quaggy in London, UK depth
Restructuring the effluent web in Italy depth
Retention pond in Chêne Bougerie, Switzerland light
Revegetation of the Vernie Rouge ski slope in the Alps depth
Revitalisation of riverbanks and connection of hydraulic annexes alongside the Scarpe river in France light
Revitalisation of the Borova stream, Czech Republic light
Revitalization of the upper Drau River in Austria depth
Riparian forests along the Maritsa river, Bulgaria light
River Tolka constructed wetland and enhancements, Ireland depth
River basin management of the Ill, France light
River floodplain restoration on the Tundzha, Bulgaria light
River restoration of the lower Aurino in Italy depth
Room for the River: Nijmegen dike relocation, Netherlands depth
Rural runoff attenuation in the Belford catchment, UK depth
Sediment capture ponds in the Latvian State forests light
Slowing the Flow at Pickering, UK depth
Small Water Retention Program in Forests (lowlands) of Poland light
Small scale measures under the 'Waters neighborhood Days' in Hamburg, Germany depth
Sustainable stormwater management and green infrastructure in Fornebu, Norway depth
The Vonarje flood storage reservoir in Croatia light
Traditional terracing in Veneto, Italy light
Tullstorpsån rural development project in Sweden depth
Urban green roofs in Helsinki, Finland light
WETMAN - Conservation and management of freshwater, Slovenia light
Wachau and Danube restoration in Austria light
Water retention management in the broader area of Ancient Olympia, Elia, Greece depth
Water retention spaces, reforestation and grazing management in southern Portugal light
Water supply and rehabilitation in Nagyszeksos-to Southern Hungary light
Wetland biodiversity protection in Kamanos Strict Nature Reserve, Lithuania light
Wetland management on the Burgas lakes, Bulgaria light
Wetland restoration and remeandering in SPA Dunajské luhy (Slovakia) and SPA Szigetkoz (Hungary) light
Wetland restoration in Ciobarciu, Romania depth
Wetland restoration in Persina, Bulgaria depth
Wetland restoration in the Senne and Medzibodrozie SPAs, Slovakia depth
Wetland restoration in the Zahorie lowland, Slovakia light
Órbigo River ecological status improvement, Spain depth

Catalogue of case studies

Within the present platform, a large number of NWRM case studies has been identified, and information collected using a common template. Among them, at least one - particular interesting - case study has been selected for each country, and additional descriptive information has been collected. The latter are designated as “in-depth” case studies, and more detailed information on them is available for download. The others are designated as "light" case studies. For a full list of case studies by country in xls format click here.

You can also submit a case study, more information here.

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