Floodplain restoration in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in Croatia

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Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
The Central Sava Basin (CSB), located in Croatia, is an area that combines natural values with the function of storage of floodwaters of the Sava River. One of the most important areas is the Lonjsko Polje area. About 23 706 ha of this Nature Park is used as the largest detention area in the Central Sava Basin. The purpose of the Life project "Central Posavina – Wading toward Integrated Basin Management" (2006 -2008) was to develop and improve an integrated river basin management approach in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and at a Central Posavina scale. This has been done by in particular developing consultative processes and appropriate structures which involve the various stakeholders for the conservation, utilisation and management of the water resources by ensuring non-structural flood control methods which take advantage of the natural functions of wetlands to supplement or replace existing flood control infrastructure.
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Kontinentalna Hrvatska
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Adriana Raveau, ACTeon
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