Landscape revitalisation program in Slovakia

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488 villages and towns from all regions in Slovakia
The Landscape Revitalization Program is a main tool for solving ecosystem problems but also flood and drought risks included improvements in rainwater retention, primarily, in the territory where rainwater falls or in damaged parts on the landscape. The program restore landscape retention ability by different water retention elements.
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Jovanka Ignjatovic
NWRM(s) implemented in the case study
Climate zone
cool temperate moist
Mean rainfall
Mean rainfall unit
Average temperature
Average runoff coefficient
Case Study Info
Light or indepth?
Monitoring impacts effects
Monitoring parameters
level of water
Performance impact estimation method
Catchment outlet
Performance impact estimation information
N/A info
Application scale
Installation date
Performance timescale
1 - 4 years
Area (ha)
Area subject to Land use change or Management/Practice change (ha)
Design capacity description
Measures and system in cadastre of a settlement of a medium size (1700ha)
Basis of design
Torrential rains in spring and summer
Public consultation
Design contractual arrangement
Arrangement type Responsibility Role Comments Name
Design consultation activity
Activity stage Key issues Name Comments
Hundred of workshop with mayors in different regions of Slovakia and meetings with representatives of local public administration authorities.
Design land use change
Land use change type
Design authority
Authority type Role Responsibility Name Comments
Local water authority
Government Plenipotentiary for Self-Government and Integrated River Basin Management and Landscape
People and Water NGO
Central office of Labour
Key lessons
This project demonstrated that rapid an effective landscape restoration is feasible at the costs. A big amount of small measures can result in better changes. Example of a fundamental solution in combating climate change, ecosystem degradation, flooding and drought risks and with international recognition.
Success factor(s)
Success factor type Success factor role Comments
Communication activities
secondary factor

Hundred of workshop with mayors in different regions of Slovakia and meetings with representatives of local public administration authorities.

Attitude of decision makers
secondary factor
Existing staff and consultant knowledge
secondary factor

The experience gained in the first implementation project help to make better the next ones with a big difference.

Financing type Comments
EU-funds: Cohesion and regional development funds
European social fund
National funds
Provided by the Slovak Republic Government
Barrier type Barrier role Comments
main barrier
Huge amount of small measures for such a big project
Driver type Driver role Comments
Organisation committed to it
main driver
NGO People and Water
secondary driver
Competition between the stakeholders who will invent something original that is better, more effective and of a higher added value.
Financing share
Financing share type Share Comments
Policy description
Due to the farming methods in the territory, the landscape's ability to hold water was substantially weakened, contributing to increase risks of landscape overheating, local and regional climate changes, floods and droughts, soil water erosion, pond silting, permanents soil degradation, disruption of ecosystems, etc.
Part of wider plan
Policy target
Target purpose
Increase Water Storage
Runoff control
Erosion Control
Policy pressure
Pressure directive Relevant pressure
Policy area
Policy area type Policy area focus Name Comments
Policy impact
Impact directive Relevant impact
Policy wider plan
Wider plan type Wider plan focus Name Comments
Integrated River Basin Management
Adopted by the Slovak Republic Government on 27 August 2010
Act of Employment Services
In cooperation with the Central Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family to help with the high unemployment rate that especially consists of young people and the long-term unemployed.
Policy requirement directive
Requirement directive Specification
Direct benefits information
7700 seasonal jobs during the three first implementation projects
Ancillary benefits
Ancillary benefits information
The measures helped to reduce damage and costs that may have been incurred by preventive and rescue investment work during torrential rains in spring and summer.Positive influence on 500 to 1000 municipalities located lower in the river basins because the reduction of flooding risks and drought risks down the watercourse. Enhance the life in the place of water retention.
Costs investment information
N/A info
Costs operation maintenance
N/A info
Costs total
Costs total information
Sum of the expenses in the first three implementation projects
Ecosystem improved biodiversity
Information on Ecosystem improved biodiversity
The measure protect nature and strengthen biodiversity
Ecosystem provisioning services
Information on Ecosystem provisioning services
In the vast majority of cases, local naturally occurring materials such as soil, wood and stone were used for implementing measures.
Ecosystem water supply
Ecosystem impact climate regulation
No information available
Information on Ecosystem impact climate regulation
N/A info
Information on retained water
The landscape water retention capacity is now of total 10 millions square meters.
Information on increased water storage
The measures helped the villages to diminish flooding risks of torrential rains in 2011 and the retained water was gradually released over the period of extreme drought the affected Slovakia in the second half of the same year.
Information on runoff reduction
The power of rainwater runoff helps to keep the country to be vital
Information on Increased infiltration
There is a better infiltration due to increase of time in water storage
Ecosystem erosion control
Water quality overall improvements
Positive impact-WQ improvement
Information on Water quality overall improvements
N/A Info
Soil quality overall soil improvements
N/A info
Information on Soil quality overall soil improvements
N/A info


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