River restoration of the lower Aurino in Italy

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Restoration interventions in four different sites in the lower course of the Aurino stream: Molini di Tures/ Gais; Gatzaue/ Gais; gatzaue downstream; S. Giorgio- Brunico
This case study focuses on the restoration of the Aurino stream. River restoration measures were implemented along the Aurino stream as part of the Aurino management plan. Interventions were implemented in different moments within the years 2003-2011. The objectives were flood protection and, secondarily, the improvement of the natural environment. Different interventions were implemented to widen the river bed, such as for example: (i) forests were cleared in the relevant areas, to add space to the river bed; (ii) (artificial) river banks were lowered and enlarged; (iii) re-activation or creation of lateral river branches; (iv) measures to raise the river bed’s level. The Autonomous Province of Bozen – Hydraulic engineering department was in charge of funding, planning, designing and implementing the measures. Before implementation, all measures were extensively presented to, and discussed with, municipalities, farmers, fishermen associations and local communities; informing and involving local communities and key stakeholders was the key to successful implementation. The availability of land was the main constraining factor: most of the measures were implemented on public land (state or municipal land). Only in the case of Gatzauer/ Gais Lot III measures were implemented mostly on private land, but this required compensation. When implementing these NWRM, interventions had to seek a balance between the desired outcome and the economic activities in the area of intervention. In this case, for example, bringing back the ground water level back to the original level would not have been a desirable outcome for farmers. Negotiations with farmers led, on the one hand, to a reduced ambition of the interventions, but on the other hand it also led to acceptance of the measures and, ultimately, contributed to the success of implementation.
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Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen
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Gloria De Paoli, ACTeon
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