Continuous cover forestry

The complete description of the NWRM: 

Continuous cover forestry is a broad range of forest management practices which may have some beneficial hydrological effects. The main idea behind continuous cover forestry is a reduction in the number or size of clear-cuts. Some definitions of continuous cover forestry state that no clear-cuts shall be larger than 0.25 ha. Continuous cover forestry ensures that there is an uninterrupted tree canopy and that the soil surface in never exposed. An uninterrupted tree canopy will have higher interception than a site with discontinuous tree cover. Ensuring that soils are never exposed will limit sediment production.


Forest submitted to a continuous cover



Possible benefits with level: 
Benefits Levelsort descending
ES4 - Biodiversity preservation High
ES5 - Climate change adaptation and mitigation High
PO14 - Prevention of biodiversity loss High
BP5 - Increase evapotranspiration Low
BP14 - Create terrestrial habitats Low
ES2 - Fish stocks and recruiting Low
PO1 - Improving status of biology quality elements Low
PO2 - Improving status of physico-chemical quality elements Low
PO4 - Improving chemical status and priority substances Low
PO9 - Take adequate and co-ordinated measures to reduce flood risks Low
PO10 - Protection of important habitats Low
BP6 - Increase infiltration and/or groundwater recharge Low
BP7 - Increase soil water retention Low
ES6 - Groundwater/aquifer recharge Low
BP1 - Store runoff Medium
BP2 - Slow runoff Medium
BP8 - Reduce pollutant sources Medium
BP9 - Intercept pollution pathways Medium
BP10 - Reduce erosion and/or sediment delivery Medium
BP11 - Improve soils Medium
BP16 - Reduce peak temperature Medium
BP17 - Absorb and/or retain CO2 Medium
ES1 - Water storage Medium
ES3 - Natural biomass production Medium
ES7 - Flood risk reduction Medium
ES8 - Erosion/sediment control Medium
ES9 - Filtration of pollutants Medium
ES10 - Recreational opportunities Medium
ES11 - Aesthetic/cultural value Medium
PO6 - Improving chemical status Medium
PO7 - Prevent surface water status deterioration Medium
PO8 - Prevent groundwater status deterioration Medium
PO11 - Better protection for ecosystems and more use of Green Infrastructure Medium
PO12 - More sustainable agriculture and forestry Medium
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