The first serie of Workshops is starting this week....

Themes : sectordiscipline

The NWRM project has to organise two series of regional Workshops held in parallel in all four Regional Networks established under the NWRM initiative to gather, share and promote local experiences and knowledge initiated in the regional networks and web fora, ultimately strengthening the regional networks.

The first series is launched with the Western network Workshop held in Brussels on 22nd - 23rd of January 2014. This first round of workshops, in particular, aims at:

  • Introducing NWRM and shedding light on what is understood under that notion
  • Presenting the NWRM initiative and regional process
  • Sharing views on constraints, difficulties, factors for success that are relevant to the design and implementation of NWRM, with emphasis on the practical relevance of these measures for the next planning cycle within the WFD and other directives
  • Collecting views on the structure of the knowledge base, and the facilities that are offered to users to extract information
  • Identifying expectations vis-à-vis the practical guide to be developed along the project and delivered right at the end
  • Agreeing on follow-up steps for the regional network, while encouraging contribution to the case studies. Results will be reflected here:
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