Flood meadows in the Marais Poitevin, France > Design authority #3308

Authority type
Parc Interrégional du Marais Poitevin
The Parc Interrégional du Marais Poitevin (PIMP) is a public organisation bringing together local authorities (85 municipalities, 3 Départements and 2 Régions) of Marais Poitevin. All these authorities are co-signatory of a Territory Agreement which defines strategic guidelines and missions of the Parc. Current areas of activities of the Parc are: natural ressources (agri-environment, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems...), economy and land planing (tourism, architecture, urbanism...), culture and heritage, education.

The PIMP is involved intechnical supports (management of breading and health issues on the common floodmeadows...)


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