2nd serie of WorkShops

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The 2nd regional workshops are scheduled as follows:

  • Mediterranean Workshop: June 17th-18th, Larnaka (CY), Postponed in September, Turin (IT)
  • Western Workshop: July 1st-2nd – Strasbourg (FR)
  • Baltic Workshop: June 10th-11th – Gimo (SE), Done and fruitfull (see the dedicated page)
  • Danube Workshop: June 23rd-24th – Bucharest (RO)

The main theme will be the emphasis on multi-benefits of NWRM, looking at the role of NWRMs as: (i) a way to tackle water scarcity and droughts; (ii) an example of ecosystem-based management approach; and (iii) a catalyst for policy coordination.

Discussions and activities will focus on hot to adapt catchment management to widen the potential of NWRMs.Upstream and downstream linkage for urban flood prevention in the Baltic Sea Region.

The focus will be on:

(i) Multi–benefit s of NWRM concerning water harvesting and flood protection;
(ii) Ecosystem protection and NWRM;
(iii) Needs in policy integration in support to implementation of the NWRMs;
(iv) The contribution of Blue Water and Green Water to the multifunctional character of agriculture;
and (v) Socio-Economic aspects.

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Regional workshops – save the date

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The NWRM project

NWRM partners propose the following dates for the first series of the regional workshops (1 day from lunchtime to lunchtime). (The second series is planned for June 2014).

  •  Mediterranean network: January 28th -29th, Madrid, Spain
  • Danube network: January 28th -29th, Szentendre (20km from Budapest), Hungary
  • Baltic network: January 30th  to 31st,    Riga, Latvia
  • Western network: January 22nd -23rd, Brussels, Belgium

You can already get in touch with regional contact point to get more information and inform on your interest to participate.Preliminary topics of the first series of workshops :

  • Presenting the NWRM initiative and regional process
  • Sharing views on constraints, difficulties, factors for success that are relevant to the design and implementation of NWRM (first feedbacks from the forum discussion)
  • Collect views on the structure of the knowledge base
  • Identify expectations vis-à-vis the practical guide
  • explain follow-up steps for the regional networks activities


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