Danube birds conservation - Conservation of Endangered Bird Species Populations in Natural Habitats of the Danube Inland Delta

The general objective is to improve the conservation status of the floodplain bird species that are protected in the Natura 2000 sites SPA Dunajské luhy (Slovakia) and SPA Szigetkoz (Hungary). The specific objectives of the project are to:
-Restore selected wetlands, dried-up river branches and oxbows;
-Restore river branch connectivity, water regime and flowing water conditions;
-Lease or purchase land following the introduction of appropriate habitat management;
-Eliminate fish migration barriers at two strategic points and restore birds†™ food base;
-Restore abandoned meadows as feeding and nesting bird habitats;
-Restore birds†™ refuges and nesting areas by planting native tree species;
-Implement measures preventing unintentional and/or illegal disturbance of the target bird species populations;
-Acquire relevant scientific data on target species and their habitats;
-Raise awareness among key stakeholders and the public;
-Implement additional measures that will make the habitats of target species more attractive for them (e.g. creation of appropriate breeding possibilities).
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