Linking floodplain hydraulics and sedimentation patterns along arestored river channel: River Odense, Denmark

The links between floodplain hydraulics and deposition of sediment,organic matter and phosphorus were investigated along a 6 km re-meandered channel section of RiverOdense, Denmark. A 2D dynamic river and floodplain model was set up for the investigated floodplainarea. The flow model was validated against in situ measurements of flow velocities and depths duringa one-day field campaign in January 2012. The predicted duration of inundations, distances to inflow, flow velocities, and informationon microtopography were compared with sedimentation patterns on the floodplain. Three distinct flowregimes were predicted by the hydraulic model and were classified as small, medium and large inundation events according to spatial extent and inundation depth. The model predicts spatially and temporally changing zones of confluence on the floodplain due to variations in inundation depth.
Poulsen, J B et al
Ecological Engineering, in press
Source type
Scientific Article


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