Review of the Exmoor Mires Restoration Project Final Report

Jane Mills, Chris Short, Julie Ingram, Bekki Griffiths and Janet Dwyer Countryside and Community Research Institute Lindsey McEwen and Frank Chambers, University of Gloucestershire and Graeme Kirkham, Cornwall Council
The Exmoor Mire Restoration Project (EMRP) 2006-2010 aimed to restore the natural hydrology of degraded blanket bogs on Exmoor by blocking up the network of old drainage ditches. This project will shortly finish and funding has been secured from South West Water for a new and larger †˜Mires on the Moors†™ project which could potentially rewet up to 2,500 hectares of peatland on Exmoor. The EMRP Steering Group commissioned the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) to undertake an external and independent review of peatland restoration work on Exmoor to help guide future activity. The two main aims of the review were: i) to conduct a review of peatland restoration on Exmoor to date; and ii) to give guidance to the Steering Group on how best to proceed with peatland restoration, while furthering National Park purposes, and having regard to the economic and social well being of the local community.
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Project Report
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