Small scale measures under the "Waters neighborhood Days" in Hamburg - Factsheet

The core of the activities carried out on Osterbek river was the installation of flow control arms at mean water level.
Due to the width of the bundle of sticks of 2 to 2.5 m, they should contribute to a significant narrowing of the broad streambed. They were attached to three pegs that were fixed at the ground. In order to avoid under- or backflushing, the brushwood were strengthened with stones, coarse and fine gravel. A total of 14 flow control arms were installed at equal distances approximately transverse to the direction of flow on the left and right bank . In a wide section an island of gravel and coarse of about 15 m was applied.
Also in the Middle Bille flow control arms were installed consisting of dead wood, stones and gravel. The brushwood was shortened to a length of about 1 m and transversely and with a slight tilt attached to two pegs in the sole. The height of the installment was also based on mean water level
Michael Bender, Tobias Schäfer, Sebastian Schrader
Green Leage (Grí¼ne Liga)
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