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Nid Title Abstract Case study
3388 Making space for Water in the Bodrog River Basin (SK-UA-HU) The Bodrog River Basin makes part of the Tisza River Basin and is shared by Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. Environmental problems and flood damages are increasing and putting pressures on the people - high time for a project of the UNDP / GEF to promote multiple benefits of wetlands and floodplains. Floodgate reconstruction, Slovakia
3336 MEADOWS OF DUNDURI AND RIVER SLAMPE Interviewed former project leader Floodplain restoration of the river Slampe, Latvia
3423 Medidas beneficiosas para las aves ligadas a medios agrí­cola - Sugerencias para su diseño y aplicación en NATURA 2000, en el marco de la programación de desarrollo rural 2007-2013 Para avanzar en la línea marcada por las directrices europeas de desarrollo rural respecto a la conservación de la biodiversidad, lo más idóneo hubiera sido establecer desde la base, en el Plan Estratégico nacional, los sistemas prioritarios para la conservación ligados a medios agrícolas en España, orientando la elaboración de los programas regionales de desarrollo rural, y garantizando así la preservación de estos agrosistemas en el conjunto del territorio. En opinión de SEO/BirdLife, en lo que se refiere a biodiversidad de la avifauna, estos sistemas prioritarios serían las zonas pseudoesteparias de agricultura de secano, los pastizales, las dehesas y los arrozales costeros. Cover Crops and No-Tillage in an Olive Grove (Andalusia, Spain)
3471 Memorandum of agreement concerning the Exmoor Mires Project Agreement covering the roles and responsibilities of the project partners Exmoor Mires peatland restoration, UK
3965 Méthode standard d'analyse de la qualité de l'habitat aquatique à l'échelle de la station : l’IAM Restoration of the Gentioux peat bog by clearing and aerial skidding
3484 Metodes un tehnoloÄ£ijas meža kapitālvÄ“rtÄ«bas palielināšanai The report on research results about the effectiveness of the sedimantation capture ponds to improve water quality in forest drainage systems. Sediment capture ponds in the Latvian State forests
3403 Minimum Tillage Field Trials in Lower Austria Project on several testing sides: application of directseeding, mulchseeding and conventional tillage. No Tillage Field Trials in lower Austria
3364 Modelprojekt Holter-Hammrich As a secondary result of structures and buildings of flood water protection, NWRMs aiming at nature conservation can be implemented in the Holter-Hammrich Area. Holter-Hammrich Area - Flood Protection and Nature Conservation, Germany
3467 National River Flow Archive Data and catchment characteristics for Pickering Beck gauging station 27056 - Pickering Beck at Ings Bridge Exmoor Mires peatland restoration, UK
3372 National River Flow Archive Data and catchment characteristics for Pickering Beck gauging station 27056 - Pickering Beck at Ings Bridge Slowing the Flow at Pickering, UK
3514 Natural Park of the Lower Prut Floodplain - Project LIFE 05 NAT/RO /000155 Description of the project. Ecological Restoration of Mata Radeanu, Romania
3350 Natural water retention for combined outcomes - the Arga-Aragon case study (Spain) Presentation from Fernando Magdaleno Fluvial and ecosystem restoration of the Arga-Aragon Rivers, Spain
3315 Naturschutzgroßprojekt Lenzener Elbtalaue Website of the project. Dyke relocation on the river Elbe near Lenzen, Germany
3939 NEW: final reports for Slowing the Flow at Pickering project This webpage links to the phase 1 and phase 2 reports of the project. Slowing the Flow at Pickering, UK
3465 New protected area for Bulgaria's Vesselina River A new protected area in the Danube River basin which comprises wetlands and other valuable habitats, including riparian forests, pastures, meadows and a river meander restored by WWF, was officially launched in Central Bulgaria today. Initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria, the protected area of Vesselina River near Veliko Tarnovo, was announced on the International Day of Biodiversity. Restoration of the Vesselina river, Bulgaria
3425 Nieuwe stad, schoon water a design of a sustainable water management system in the Leische Rijn area includes ecological, hydrological and biological impacts Leidsche Rijn sustainable urban development, Netherlands
3493 Non Conventional Water Resources Programme in Malta (Alter Aqua) The Maltese Islands have limited freshwater resources and depend heavily on desalination. Therefore there is an evident need to mobilise non conventional Water Resources (NCWR) in order to secure water availability and facilitate sustainable development. Domestic rainwater harvesting in Malta
3401 Notranjski regijski park, Layman's Report Layman's Report (project report intended for wider public) presents background, goals and purpose of the project, planned solutions, actions and result. At the end it describes the meaning and the message of the project. Conservation on Lake Cerknica, Slovenia
3310 Nottingham Green Streets †“ Retrofit Rain Garden Project Detailed summary note on the Rain garden project, costs, lessons learnt etc Rain gardens for the Day Brook, UK
3240 NWRMs experience from Austria characterization of Austria's landcover, population density, topography and the traditional flood protection National laws and technical rules for near-natural flood protection, principles of passive flood protection, critical lessons learned Revitalization of the upper Drau River in Austria
3262 Odense Å ved Brobyværk De fleste af vores vandløb er i større eller mindre grad reguleret af menneskets hånd. Denne strækning af Odense Å og Tørring Bæk blev i årene 1944-1950 udrettet og forkortet med 2200 m på en 11,2 km lang strækning. I den forbindelse fik åen et bredt, trapezformet forløb, der lå op til 1,2 m dybere end det tidligere forløb. Udløbet fra Tørring Bæk til Odense Å blev samtidigt flyttet. Arealerne op til åen var desuden drænede for at sikre landbrugsdriften. Restoration of the Odense river, Denmark
3477 One-dimensional Groundwatyer simulation model of the Yermasoyia river aquifer One -dimensional aquifer model simulating grondwater flow and tracer model simulating transfer of oxygen-18. This work supports report to IAEA. Germasogeia riverbed artificial groundwater recharge in Cyprus
3970 Opération de restauration d’une roselière dans le marais noir de saint coulban. Restoration of the Black Marsh of Saint-Coulban
3961 Ormoz basins guidebook Ormož Basins are a wetland of exceptional national and international importance attracting both breeding and migrating bird species of conservation importance. This guidebook aims to show life in various forms thriving in what used to be an abandoned industrial area, saved from destruction and later declared a nature reserve dedicated to conservation of biodiversity providing relaxed, informative and high quality experience of nature. This guidebook presents history of the site, birds, management of the area and photos. LiveDrava - Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia
3335 Palienes režima atjaunošana Slampes upes lejtece Collection of articles about habitat management problematic in Latvia Floodplain restoration of the river Slampe, Latvia