LiveDrava - Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia

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Lower Drava River, encompassing Natura 2000 site Drava and Ormož Basin Nature Reserve
Even though the natural dynamic of the Drava River was heavily altered after the construction of three hydro-power plants, some natural characteristics of this lowland river were still preserved. Due to large area of Drava River with its river branches, dry grasslands in the middle of a flooded forest, gravel bars, diverse river banks and other natural specificities with some artificial water bodies, such as accumulation lakes, are making this riparian ecosystem home to numerous (Natura 2000) species. Abandoned wastewater basins of Sugar Factory in Ormož (TSO d.d.) were restored as a semi-natural wetland with a constant supply of water which happened to be one of the key wetlands in Slovenia for a safe migration route of waterbirds. Specificities: Due to 3 hydro-power plants, natural dynamic of Drava River was heavily altered, and in Ormož wastewater basins of a Sugar Factory were abandoned. Challenges: To preserve and enlarge populations of Natura 2000 species, to improve and restore habitat types with unfavourable conservation status.
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Benoît Fribourg-blanc
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Alluvial plain called “Dravska ravan” in NE Slovenia between Maribor and Središče ob Dravi, encompassing Lake Ptuj and Ormož Basin Nature Reserve., SI
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Vzhodna Slovenija
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Damijan DENAC, director DOPPS
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