Multi-purpose water management development along the Körös-ér, Hungary

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Körös-ér, Nagykörös town
The Körös stream catchment lies in a droughts stricken region of Hungary, it is a heavily modified water body. There are nutrient overload in the stream and in the ground water as well both from point and diffuse sources that are both agricultural and urban. Meanwhile recurring water logging periods cause temporary flood problems for the settlement and the agricultural areas during early spring and in case of torrential rains. The water directorate in order to cope with the situation upgrade of the stream’s water management structures to be able to cope with both water extremes: floods and water shortage. It reconnected former floodplains at the estuary on a 2500 meter section. Also upgraded the sluices to let them able to retain water but cleaned the bottlenecks to facilitate runoff at flood events. At the settlement section of the stream the development targeted to provide the necessary capacity to drain the residential area. Upstream of the settlement retention pond were created to control runoff through the town and store water.
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Gábor Ungvári, REKK
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