Implementing NWRM

Implementing NWRM is a multi discipline and multi purpose exercise that needs a thorough preparation. To help you through key components of this, this section you can:

  1. access and use the Practical Guide to learn more about NWRM implementation and to guide you through the key elements available on this website to help you in this implementation.
  2. access and use standardised communication material with the leaflet translated in all languages, the guide translated in 14 languages, the 53 NWRM quick summaries translated in 5 languages and the presentation about NWRM. All this can be passed to any interested person at River Basin District level or at any level and printed and used to communicate on NWRM.
  3. explore the synthesis documents adressing key aspects of implementation of NWRM along the 3 core disciplines that are Biophysical impacts, Socio-economic aspects and Governance, implementation and financing.


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