Restoration of a natural floodplain meadow in the Quintarets at Isle-Jourdain

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The major bed of the Save River includes a vast complex of wet meadows directly upstream of the municipality of Isle Jourdain (Gers), located partly in a floodplain area. A water abstraction well is located downstream of this complex for the supply of drinking water to the municipality. In order to reduce the risk of diffuse pollution from catchment, restore wetland habitats and contribute to downstream flood prevention, a 13 hectare parcel, riparian of the Save, was bought by the local community (CCGT) and leased to a farmer with a special contract. The field was converted to permanent natural grassland, and detention basins were dug to increase the storage capacity of the floodplain and development of wet plants community. The technique used for sowing the meadow is the "hay flower", hay from adjacent wetlands harvested late to include a wide seed bank, and makes it possible to obtain a floral procession adapted to the conditions of the meadow. This project has enhanced the natural grassland complex in the major bed of the Save. The project must still be completed by the conversion of another adjacent parcel, still cultivated.
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The parcel is located in the major bed of the Save River, upstream of Isle-Jourdain. It is located in a floodplain area, 500m upstream of a drinking water catchment area in the Save supplying a population of 10,000 inhabitants. The particularity of the site is that it is located between a vast wetland complex with floodplain natural grasslands alternating with wood and crops, and a growing activity zone (artisanal zone).
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FRD-Le Rhône et les cours d'eau côtiers méditerranéens
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