Alzette river restoration in Dumonshaff, Luxembourg

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Alzette in Schifflange
In the 50's and 60’s, the alluvial plain of the Alzette river was deeply modified in order to develop intensive agriculture. As a result, the water retention was reduced and ecological value declined. The project aimed at restoring the ecological state of the Alzette in Drumontshaff (Luxembourg). The two mains tasks of the project were to restore the natural functioning of the Alzette river (frequent overflowing and flooding of aside land, wetland habitats restoration) and to develop an extensive management of aside meadows (late mowing, no fertilizer or biocidal product, etc.). The first step was to determine the floodplain through past and current reference values. After the feasibility study, a reallocation scheme was drown. An agronomic feasibility study was made to determine socio-economic solutions. The river and hydraulic annexes were restored (lateral enlargement or displacement of the river bed into natural thalweg). Finally, the restoration of the complete flood plain was possible.
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LU RB_000
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Alexandra Rossi, ACTeon
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