Floodplain reconnection in the Vallei van de Grote Nete, Belgium

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Grote Nete between Oosterlo and Nijlen
This scheme is part of the Sigmaplan programme, which is a long-term large-scale programme in Belgium aiming to improve flood storage of the Scheldt catchment. This particular scheme, on the Grote Nete, reconnects the river to its floodplain, which is currently isolated by dykes along both river banks. In the middle reach of the catchment, ‘controlled water storage areas’ will be developed, where a connection between the river and floodplain will be introduced but controlled. In the upper and lower catchment, free connection between the river and floodplain will be restored, allowing development of more natural forest, grassland and wetland habitats. The details of the scheme are still being finalised, taking in to account the results of studies and modelling, and implementation will be timed in the best interests of the local landowners.
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The measure is located along the floodplain of the Grote Nete, between the towns of Oosterlo and Nijlen, in northern Belgium.
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Prov. Antwerpen
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Heather Williams and Chris Binje, AMEC
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