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Working on NWRM requires understanding of a broad range of key concepts. This page gathers definitions for a set of key concepts used when addressing NWRM. It sets a shared ontology, with interlinkages between concepts. Semantic annotations have been developed and the associated ontology represented thanks to a relation graph.

Semantic Annotation helps to bridge the ambiguity of the natural language when expressing notions and their computational representation in a formal language. By telling a computer how data items are related and how these relations can be evaluated automatically, it becomes possible to process complex filter and search operations. (source:

Afforestation is the process of planting trees, either to replace those removed during forest harvesting or as a means of land use conversion. Afforestation is part of several natural water retention measures as it can contribute to a more natural... more
Agronomic practices which have the primary purpose of improvements to agriculture can, in some cases, contribute to the functioning of natural water retention measures. As such, they integrate sustainable and natural water management into current... more
Additional or subsidiary, positive impact (in terms of social welfare). As in the case of avoided costs or damages, an ancillary benefit is an indirect one. NWRM come along with other important impacts in terms of biodiversity, amenity, etc. that... more
Appropriately designed roads and stream crossings can minimize the likelihood of erosion and sediment production that can be associated with forestry activities including final harvest. Poorly designed or built roads and stream crossings can cause... more
AGR stores large quantities of water in underground aquifers to increase the quantity of groundwater in times of shortage.ᅠ It results in a lowering of run-off from surrounding land, and in an enhanced natural condition of aquifers and water... more
Equivalent to an indirect benefit; financial outlays, negative impacts or welfare losses on anyone which are eluded by choosing one specific course of action among different alternatives. Some natural water retention measures (NWRM) may protect... more
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