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Working on NWRM requires understanding of a broad range of key concepts. This page gathers definitions for a set of key concepts used when addressing NWRM. It sets a shared ontology, with interlinkages between concepts. Semantic annotations have been developed and the associated ontology represented thanks to a relation graph.

Semantic Annotation helps to bridge the ambiguity of the natural language when expressing notions and their computational representation in a formal language. By telling a computer how data items are related and how these relations can be evaluated automatically, it becomes possible to process complex filter and search operations. (source:

The sloping side of any hollow in the ground, especially when bordering a river. (Source: CED)
Basic measures are the minimum requirements to be complied with and shall consist of: (a) those measures required to implement Community legislation for the protection of water, including measures required under the legislation specified in Article... more
Basins and ponds store surface run-off.ᅠ Detention basins are free from water in dry weather flow conditions but ponds (e.g., retention ponds, flood storage reservoirs, shallow impoundments) contain water in dry weather, and are designed to hold... more
The biophysical environment is the biotic and abiotic surrounding of an organism or population, and consequently includes the factors that have an influence in their survival, development and evolution. The biophysical environment can vary in scale... more
A biophysical parameter is a measurable characteristic that can help in defining a particular system. It can cover individual substances, groups of substances or be defined by its measurement method like turbidity or the mesurement of oxygen... more
Buffer strips are areas of natural vegetation cover (grass, bushes or trees) at the margin of fields, arable land, transport infrastructures and water courses. They can have several different configurations of vegetation found on them varying from... more
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