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Working on NWRM requires understanding of a broad range of key concepts. This page gathers definitions for a set of key concepts used when addressing NWRM. It sets a shared ontology, with interlinkages between concepts. Semantic annotations have been developed and the associated ontology represented thanks to a relation graph.

Semantic Annotation helps to bridge the ambiguity of the natural language when expressing notions and their computational representation in a formal language. By telling a computer how data items are related and how these relations can be evaluated automatically, it becomes possible to process complex filter and search operations. (source:

Value of those alternatives foregone when implementing a NWRM.
Ditch blocking in managed peatland forests can be used to slow water and trap sediment after forest harvesting. The ditches can be made of wood logs or gabions, for example. - Elaborated by NWRM project experts and validated by the European... more
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