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Working on NWRM requires understanding of a broad range of key concepts. This page gathers definitions for a set of key concepts used when addressing NWRM. It sets a shared ontology, with interlinkages between concepts. Semantic annotations have been developed and the associated ontology represented thanks to a relation graph.

Semantic Annotation helps to bridge the ambiguity of the natural language when expressing notions and their computational representation in a formal language. By telling a computer how data items are related and how these relations can be evaluated automatically, it becomes possible to process complex filter and search operations. (source:

Vegetated depressions designed to store runoff on the surface and allow it to gradually infiltrate into soil. Infiltration basins are dry, except in periods of heavy rainfall, and may serve to other functions (e.g. recreation). They provide flow... more
Downspout disconnection involves theᅠrerouting of rooftop drainage pipes from the storm sewer systemᅠtoᅠrain barrels,ᅠcisterns,ᅠor permeable areas instead of the storm sewer.ᅠThis reduces the loading of rainwater on the storm sewer systemᅠ, and can... more
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